We are now ramping up production of all Guytron models and have begun shipping Guytron amps and cabinets.

The GT40 in both head and combo is now shipping.

GT20 Combos and heads are in production The GT20 combo was a huge hit when it first arrived and continues to impress everywhere. Now with an extended life EL84 tube circuit based on concepts learned with the GDS Amplification 18W amps, fears of short power tube life will be a thing of the past.

GT100 FV Heads are also being produced currently: The GT100 FV has been at the top of the field of high end rock guitar amplifiers since its introduction in 2003 and the original GT100 introduced in 1995 continues to impress today. (We may even do a short run of ultra high-end handwired GT100s like the originals from 1995.) The GT100 F/V's "A-channel" clean tones are legendary for their sparkle and chime. The lead channel has prompted pro players such as Jon Herington to put away their pedals.

GT20 Heads are now shipping! The GT20 chassis was designed to be easily mounted into a head cabinet allowing pro players to plug into any appropriate speaker cabinet they desire. A GT20 played through the new Guytron 1-12LT lightweight 1-12 or a Guytron open back 2-12 is a heavenly thing. Guytron's GT20 head will benefit from the class leading cabinet designs of GDS Amplification. New 1-12 and 2-12 cabinet designs are now available to compliment the GT20 Head.

The new GT40 is now shipping! The GT40 design is very similar to the GT20 but with more power due to its EL34 tubes instead of EL84s. With more power comes more clean headroom which is always a wonderful thing for gigging.  GT40 amps have already made it into the hands of players both pro and semi-pro and already it is a welcome addition to the Guytron family of professional guitar amplifiers. The GT40 is available as a 1-12 combo or as a head.

Bigtone speakers are NOW IN STOCK! The Guytron Bigtone speakers have been preferred by discerning players since their introduction and continue to be sought after by all who hear them. We now have a fresh shipment of Bigtone speakers in stock, ready for immediate delivery. If you need a Bigtone 35 or Bigtone 55 for your Guytron cabinet or for any other standard 12" guitar cabinet, we have them now. Email us for details.

​The GT20 combo 1x12: There's been a lot of speculation about this bad boy,and there's never been an amp quite like it! (A full GT20 web page is in progress)

Patented Guytron GT100 Channel Switching Pre Amp: As promised, This little "Grab & Go Sweetie" is a GT100 addict's dream. It does in fact deliver the coveted GT100 pre-amp tone and ease of use complete with EL84 distortion like it's big brother. In addition, it sports a few long overdue Crazy-Cool features to make your player's life a bit easier and your equipment (and back) a bit more flexible.

The All-New HLB Jack: A Top Quality Sennheiser Mic element mounted in the perfect close-Mic position for the provided element and speaker marriage. The sounds are studio ready, and sound the same every night. Also, the thick grille cloth blocks out most of the feedback and "bleed through" from stage noise. This is the tone you have spent years perfecting - now yours effortlessly. How many people have had the old "Hang a "57" from the handle" sound to contend with? Moving a Mic even 1/2" can make a huge difference in your tone - much less using a Bi-Polar Mic sideways. The GT20's HLB feature totally covers you.

Let There Be Light: A combo amp should be lighted, because it's dark in bars. Bell brand amps from the 40's were sometimes back lit, as are car radios. The GT20's controls are all lit so you can see them in the dark. They also look cool!

Let There Be More Light: You're "On In Five" and hooking up stuff. You're digging for your flashlight to search for that pesky delay pedal in a dark bar, and in many cases "mooning" the audience! Right?, C'mon be honest! How many times have you needed a flashlight in order to see what's in the back of your amp? The GT20 Face AND Back panel are both lighted, as well as the inside of the cabinet. Done!

XLR Pre-Amp Out - Post EL84 for great tone: Need more than 20 watts? With the XLR output on the back of the GT20, you can drive a rack of signal hungry effects and stereo power amps, or slave another amp and increase your wattage and tonal flexibility. GT100 owners have loved this feature for years. At home, you can record direct with any number of speaker emulators like some of the tracks right here on our web site.

New Cut, Focus, and Slope Switches: These new controls are NOT standard tone controls, but instead are provided to add flexibility to the output stage. They may seem comparatively subtle at first, yet they are very important since they function strictly in the output section. Moreover, they alter the output section's distortion and gain character.

The GT20 has no secondary output section, and thus no post EL84 Master volume, yet delivers the same "Cranked Amp Sound at Any Volume" of it's elder sibling. And like it's older sibling, it has a Master Volume that works!

The GT20 can do anything from a sparkling clean tone that would make those classic California amps blush, to the same smooth yet wild overdrive that GT100 customers are accustomed to and would expect from a Guytron product. And it STILL provides both pre- and post-EL84 master volume control in a single output section amplifier. So, the output controls do as follows:

CUT = 100%, 50%, 10%, and 0% Output to the speaker. The XLR line out remains unaffected, and direct recording or slaving is possible regardless of the operative level of the speaker or external speaker jacks.

FOCUS = Deals with the relationship between the output tubes, and the phase inverter tube which drives the output pair. This affects the amount of output tube distortion and damping factor involved. By nature then, this control affects the sound more as output tube distortion becomes a factor in the tone. So if you are not pushing the output tubes, the effect is more modest. But at higher work loads for the output tubes, you can get the output tubes to put out more yet remain more focused and tight. Regardless how much of this goes to the speaker, you get a different flavor of output tube distortion.

SLOPE = Deals with the high end gain or "Roll-Off" of the output stage. Replacing a traditional "Presence" control, but operating differently; this control allows adjustment of the treble response of the output section. Which allows you to have more treble and bite in the pre-amp settings. while smoothing out the output section to get rid of excess "hair" in the tone.

Keep in mind: The GT20 is designed to be used for anything from a simple stage combo, to a sophisticated tube tone generator in the studio, direct recording, or to slave a rack of effects then into a power amp, etc. Likewise, you could just pre-amp a common guitar amp with it, and have it function like a GT100 with a secondary output section. These controls will begin to make perfect sense in controlling the "Output Tube Distortion" generated by the GT20, however it is ultimately used. The little round knobs control the Pre-Amp section, and the triangular knobs control the Power Amp section.

Bottom Line: This thing truly ROCKS! And we sincerely hope to see it become an indispensable part of your tool kit. It is simple and affordable, yet versatile and groundbreaking. Designed and built to be a "Modern Classic", it's a Guytron!



The Guytron GT20 1x12" Combo Amplifier - $2395-MSRP